What is a headshot?
A headshot is a type of portrait which in most instances features just the head and shoulders.
Headshots are typically used to represent a person in a professional setting such as people in business or public life, actors and models.
Most of us need a headshot at one time or another for use on a company website, press release, ID card, acting or modelling profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
What is retouching?
Retouching is the process of editing an image to prepare it for final presentation. After making globalised adjustments such as colour correction I will retouch an image to make subtle adjustments such as smoothing skin, toning and removing spots and blemishes. During the retouching process it is important that the final look does not become over processed and unnatural.
What should I wear?
Depending on the type of shoot you have booked and the length of time I recommend that you bring a selection of tops, colours and necklines to achieve different looks. Black tops and mid tones such as blue or green generally work well especially where they match the colour of your eyes. White tops can be good unless you have a pale complexion.
I suggest that you avoid grey tops, flesh tones, large logos and busy patterns which can be distracting.
Obviously, have regard to the purpose of the headshots when considering what outfit to wear.
What format are the final images?
The final images are jpegs which can be downloaded as both high resolution and lower resolution versions ready for website use. If you require a specific image size or resolution please let me know and this can be provided. I do not provide RAW files.
Will the headshots be suitable for Spotlight?
Yes, 100%. Headshots for actors will be suitable for Spotlight
What should I do with my hair and make up?
To save time please come with your hair and make up ready if possible. I am not an expert in make up but I suggest you keep it casual with make up that is not too heavy or too shiny. Remember that skin can be softened and spots removed when the final images are subtly retouched.
Do you work evenings and weekends?
Yes, mostly. 
Can I bring a friend with me?
Of course, if you would like to bring a friend for support then no problem.
If you would like to share a session with a friend or colleague then please ask me about prices.
I have another question.
No problem. You can ask me anything below.
Thank you!
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